Friday, December 4, 2009

it's that time of year

2010 planner giveaway!
win your very own quo vadis equology planner!

i love this planner! the cover is a cheery red, and material has a lovely nubby feel. the pages are 100% recycled, so it's earth friendly as well.

the days are in columns and there is plenty of list-making territory on the right-hand side of each spread.

categories on the side include phone, fax/email, see + do, pay/receive, and notes. of course, i'd morph them into something like:

work tasks

the possibilities are endless with this flexible system. also, note the cute little perforation on each bottom right-hand corner. tear off each week, and you'll easily find your place in the year.

in typical quo vadis style, its also packed with maps and other goodies. in case you need to urgently see where liberia is or something like that.

i would totally keep and use this planner, but i already have my system for the year (plannerfest 2010). so it's up for grabs!

1) for one entry, leave a comment here!

2) for a second entry, tweet about the giveaway and leave a second comment here saying you did.

3) for a third entry, mention the giveaway in your blog. and yes -- if you do this, leave a corresponding comment.

4) for a fourth entry, bake me cookies and send them to me via fedex.
(kidding.)(i guess.)

CONTEST ENDS friday, december 11! i'll pick the winner that morning.

good luck and enjoy!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

honest foods giveaway!

if you read kath's wonderful (and now award-winning) blog, you have seen these bars before! being sick and not in the mood for really much of anything edible these past few days, i can't yet post my review, but i feel like i owe you all a little something for being such a negative nellie all weekend.

honest foods was nice enough to send enough for me to try AND give away. this beautiful bounty of granola planks and squares can be yours! with flavors like pomegranate walnut crisp and maple almond crunch, they are a perfect treat for fall.

all you need to do to win these bars is:
a) leave a comment on this post mentioning something in the near future that you are looking forward to

b) mention this contest in your own blog if you have one please (i have to get the word out somehow!)

contest ends november 18th in the morning. GOOD LUCK!